Celebrating Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

15th of August, 1947- a historical day for every Indian. Today, we had attained the status of an independent country. Since then, on this day, we have been celebrating Independence Day every year. Our great netas (ministers) hoisting the national flag, people singing patriotic songs, news channels telecasting the heroic story of our martyrs and the rest of us sitting at home, enjoying public holiday- are some of the memories vivid in my mind.

Though we have achieved a lot in terms of economy, IT and ITES, education, medicines in these 65 years,  but we have under performed compared to our economic efficiency, agriculture potential and immense human resource. Among many reasons for the growth slow down, I think, is weak political will, corruption and social and economic imbalance. Indians really lack a strong political leader who has the necessary will and the ability to reform the country and put it in on way of development. Wherever India is making mark, is the areas where government wants to fund or the areas that are grown by business fraternity. Mumbai is one such example of the city developed out of trade.

If every citizen makes an oath to himself, to make their best contribution towards social and economic aspects of India, I feel India as a nation will come glorious and inspirational. And then, in true sense, we can celebrate and say ‘Happy Independence Day’.


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