Blogging and Spirituality

It is so amazing how your thoughts reach to the alike in the universe and how they find their way back to you. Blogging is enriching my experience in the similar way. Never thought that my thoughts and quotes would be liked and followed by soul- rich people all over the world, whom I would have not known otherwise (though I agree, the connection was always there). And I surely know that the subject of spirituality hardly needs any writing skills, vocab or knowledge. It’s more about how you feel and being aware of it as much as you can. And then whatever you feel strongly, must be put in front of the world that’s left open to you. Like everything else, the spirituality comes to you in its own time and you’ll know it since God starts directing your energy towards it. All you have to do is keep your senses wide open and learn to receive. Remember, all beings on this earth are spiritual since all of them come from the ONE whole source, the power we know as God!


2 thoughts on “Blogging and Spirituality

  1. beautiul…such wise words! i have the same experience with blogging. it’s so wonderful that people who would never find each other (physically) before can connect in such a profound way. i see it as points of light all over the world, connecting and forming a grid. it’s exciting! namaste, aleya 🙂


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