7 thoughts on ““Aum Namah Shivaya”

  1. Wow, may I ask what you know about this mantra, what you feel from it and where it came from? This is one of my most important methods, to chant this mantra. I’ve never really seen anyone else mention it until now.

    Just kind of jumped out at me! Do you chant this mantra?


  2. Hello!

    Well, I am sharing a link with you below which may be helpful to increase your knowledge on this mantra. Truly, this mantra is inherent part of our daily rituals so much so that I never got a chance to look in deep as to what could be its origin. But I can simply say that this mantra for me purifies my soul and re-establishes my connection with the supreme just by saying once. I can imagine what shall be its effect on the people who chant it regularly and methodically, Please red through the link and may you have your answers.


    The below link is useful if you urge to learn more about Shiva and the related philosophy “Shaivism”.


    God Bless!

    ‘Aum Namah Shivaya’


    1. Thanks, I read the page and it makes sense. I got exciting seeing you post up this mantra because I use it daily as part of shen-gong practice. Within minutes of chanting (I chant mentally, so it isn’t even out loud) I feel a pure white glowing inside my body.

      It’s one of the most important things I do with my meditation. Thankyou for the links!



      1. Haven’t heard of it until now! It seems to be a holy place. My meditations have progressed from taoist and qigong into mantra’s so I do all these things. The mantra we spoke about just now is a very powerful one which is one of the most important things I practice. Do you feel any energy from the mantras?


      2. Yes, it is one of the most important pilgrim places in India. Amarnath Cave is considered a must visit by the devotees of Shiva. I am sharing another link of my secondary blog, you may find some information on Amarnath yatra here.


        I really can’t comment on the source from where I derive energy. To me, even connecting to spiritual people like you is a source of energy. I feel powerful just by being in contact with good souls. When I was in Class 9, my uncle had taught me about some mantras including “Aum Namaha Shivaya”. I have chanted them for long time and those days I used to have many dreams as reflection of God’s energy. I do not practice any mantras now a days, yes I do chant some in my heart when I feel like. That said, I know if I start disciplining myself, I will grow faster. But, I like things coming to me from God and I truly believe that it is He who knows what is good for me, so I should let Him take full control.



  3. Namaskar Jamie!

    I am so glad that you find the links useful.

    Thank you very much for writing in. Because of you I also got to learn more about this mantra. I like people who are so frequent on meditation and yoga, because I don’t practice it often. But Shaivism is all about that- To be in conscious state of mind at every possible moment. I am learning and generally I try to be away from material pleasures. I don’t know, but I feel it worth while to lose self (and everything related to it) as much as I can. For me, this is also a kind of meditation 🙂

    I look forward to learn from you.

    My best wishes



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