Humanity, Religion and Spirituality

We talk religious, we visit temples, we aim spiritual.. but we disgrace humans who are closest form of God before us. Humanity is the highest form of spirituality. One who is not human, can never be spiritual.

There are many ways one shows respect to Almighty. I think, the most powerful one is to serve mankind. According to Hinduism, God resides in human. Saints in all ages have served man and mankind in all the forms. Swami Vivekananda has served humans, transformed them and preached all men to serve humanity. So did Mother Teresa.

Mordern age yogi is no different. God has been kind on me to bring this important fact to me. Through my experience with the elevated and divine people, I have realized that they leave no chance of doing “good karma”  and serving people. Probably, after one realizes oneself, then he goes a step further and endlessly helps people and society. Perhaps, this is the higher stage of elevation where one sees no limits of service and magnanimity.  

And we must aim for higher self that extends to all beings in this universe. 

P.S. I am not an authority on the subject of spirituality. Please forgive me if some one finds my thoughts immature and help me grow by sharing your knowledge. What I feel strongly is shared here. Knowledge for me is a tool to aid my feelings become thoughts.  


2 thoughts on “Humanity, Religion and Spirituality

  1. You don’t have to ask for forgiveness because you share your thoughts with others. You have a quality that is admired, which is all about honesty and our search for wisdom. There are folks much older than you who will not understand what you wrote in this post. Your words allow these people to see a broader horizon and you are to be congratulated. Your words help people and that really matters. We as people are much better off when we eliminate negative thoughts. Never underestimate yourself or any one else. You have very interesting posts here; keep going strong. You are a good person and we wish you much success.
    Best regards,


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