Just from heart..:)

Well, while I write this, let me confess that I have nothing specific to write today. It’s just that I have been away from writing for many days now and feel like giving the thoughts or feelings some expression. It happens sometimes that we feel empty inside. We feel as if we have nothing to say or think. The mind seems to have come to a standstill. And it is here where your heart becomes louder. It is here where you can listen to your heart beat or watch your breath in and out. Focus on this moment and you’ll rise to higher self. The key is to prolong such moments, till you learn to master your mind and thoughts and hear your inner higher self. 


2 thoughts on “Just from heart..:)

  1. I can coorelate this feeling of empty thoughts and loud beats, where there is a momemt while writting words from heart starts pouring out on the paper, reflecting all the emotions and feeling (the real language of heart) it has been holding.


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