Don’t feel like writing or saying anything. Everything looks so empty and conditioned. Words look like already spoken. Thoughts look like already said and yet something more, something real is waiting to be explored. Don’t know what! Don’t know where will it rest! What is that which is so strongly felt in need, but is not being shaped? What is that which is being missed every day, every conscious moment but not being clear? Where does this restlessness come from? Where will it lead to? What would be the climax? Should it be revealed now or later? Should I wait or bring it closer?


2 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. I can totally correlate it with my existence, in spite of all the actions performed and thoughts being manifested, deep in the chest lies emptiness wanting to be complete. Then all of the sudden questions starts filling in to bring this state into words.
    Something which I have observed lately, that we actually don’t live authentic life, i.e. our thought , believes and actions runs in different directions and never ever all of them are aligned. May be the non alignment of either of the thing in a particular moment is the emptiness we are experiencing.
    What are your thoughts upon it?
    Warm Hugs
    Always Loving Piyush


    1. Hi Piyush

      Thanks for your thoughts and sharing it. Yes, I do believe that non-alignment could be a cause for this emptiness. Let’s see what unfolds next 🙂

      Best wishes for your journey..!!

      With love


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