Mother’s Day Special

I see a lot of emotional messages on mother’s day eve. Yet me heart cries loud seeing that people (most of us) place money and external pleasures over and above their parents, they don’t realise it often. There is a beautiful poem, where the poetess as a mother, in a monologue, says that she does not need books, fancy items or any such things from her son. All she needs is his time with her. There is a great message there. When parents grow old, they look back and find that they had invested their life in raising their kids. That’s their treasure and the rest of it they happily share with their grand children. It is our responsibility to see that they are not treated as extras in the house, you know. They have so much to share with you, more love, more time, more wisdom, more blessings. Only fools can dare to overlook that. For a few wise, every moment is an opportunity to express gratitude to their parents and create new dimensions of relation with the living Gods.


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