Count Your Blessings!

Just wanted to share the potent feeling that I have everytime I get into deep introspection, and that is – “Count Your Blessings”! Most of our time is wasted in checking others, wanting to be stepping into their shoes, silently wanting to live others lives, as if ours was the most imperfect one! We are often caught up in the trap of greed which misleads us that we overlook our blessings. We dont even remember our sacrifices, prayers and desires that led us to have what we own today. And so we remain uncontented always, giving away our peace and chasing the barely important things. At some point, we must stop chasing. Stop and think and thank destiny for the b’ful gifts it has bestowed upon us. We will soon find that nature has had perfect plan for us, it knows exactly our taste, hunger and digesting capacity. Realizing this, we achieve harmony which becomes our goal henceforth. We no longer demand, but distribute our gifts with all glory and greater peace. Om! Jai Mata !!


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