Some lessons learnt from “The Bhagwad Gita”

“Bhagwad Gita”, is a holy book. I do not have capacity to define or introduce the same beyond this. I remember first time I came in contact with it was when my aunt (my father’s sister) read it out and I was enjoying it while I was sitting next to her, though I was too young to understand or absorb the wisdom that it gives. A few years later, I heard my uncle mentioning about it. He said, ” It is the greatest holy guide among all”, adding further, ” I have read all other holy books”. That day again, a curiosity raised in my head to, may be some day, learn all of it. 

Since then, I read the same in some bits and pieces. Sometimes learnt about it through television (in the telecast of mythological serial “Mahabharata”). Recently, my friend gift a small summarized copy of the same. As the philosophy of “Sri Bhagwad Gita” is popularized with ISCKON Mission, so they have published the same in many volumes and versions, which are selling in good numbers, here in India. So what my friend gifted me was, a little one- I’d say pocket book. I could not even complete that. I can’t say why.

The series of epic Mahabharata (of which “Sri Bhagwad Gita” is a part) is being telecast on Star Plus, these days. I watched a couple of episodes and drew some important lessons from it. Let me try and share the same here.

#1 The men with divine virtues should not renounce.They must perform action or Karma to save the world from the bad or destructive people.  

#2 To renounce means renounce all the fruits of action.

#3 Perform all kinds of work as if you are serving to the God. 

#4 Surrender the thought of fruit of karma to God.

#5 Justice comes to those who serve and support the truth.. 

#6 All manifestations come from single divine source. 

#7 It is the nature of mind to incline and stick to the material pleasures. To be constantly reminded of the supreme truth, one must perform prayers, devotion, yajna, meditation, yoga, sacrifice. All these act as triggers for otherwise lost or uncontrolled mind. 

#8 Anger, ego, greed, attachment are the greatest enemies in way of truth. They pollute mind and prevent from higher consciousness. 

I hope that there are many more to learn and remember. But, I feel, if my inner self could contain and absorb these then it would certainly rise higher and higher. I am sure every scripture is teaching on the same lines, it is, therefore, up to us that how we interpret and note the lessons that are essential for our wisdom and realization.  

May the Supreme take over!




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