Verinag or Nilanag- A holy natural spring and a source of River Jehlum

The Spring of Verinag as reflection of existence of Hinduism in Kashmir, India.

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The Verinag Spring and Garden lies nearly 80 km to the south-east of Srinagar, in Anantanag district of Kashmir. Kashmir has had many histories, that have been changing with every new ruler. And so does Verinag have. As per Hindu Mythology, the land of Kashmir was once a lake named “Satisar” Lake– the lake of Goddess Parvati. As the legend has it, it was at Verinag that Goddess Parvati was brought into light from netherworld by the mighty trident of Lord Shiva. Originally, the spring Verinag was named as “Nilanaga“, after the name of the son of Kashyap Rishi. It is said that the original form of the spring was circular (in the form of a Kund), which was later changed to octagonal, to suit the taste and style of Mughal architecture under the rule of Emperor Jehangir. 

As one enters the complex of Verinag, the…

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