Bad Dream, Bitter Reality

A bad dream shook me up today morning, so much so that I had to wake up and meditate for a while in solidarity with the victims of rape, molestation, sexual harassment and similar crimes that cause unimaginable pain of disrespect and endless fear of security to women. And few hours later, heard yet another news about rape of a 6 year old girl child in Bangalore. My heart cries aloud as I see how easy, shameless and ruthless is to commit crime against woman. I question myself, how serious is govt. In tacking this situation? How sensitive is society to see, hear, digest and accept such monsterous acts? How willing is a woman to muster inner strength and fight for dignity? How potent is man to smoke it out in discussions? How responsible is media not to follow up the cases till the end? How just is God to have women suffered for want of a secured and rightful living? That said, women must boycott such values, such relations, such societies, such families, such men who play, twist, mold, exploit her position to suit their shameless motives. Women will not be liberated unless they act to their own welfare. Time to redefine social norms and bring men under the judgement of morality!


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