Life is a station to reach your destination

Life’s is not the destination, it’s a junction. It is your only responsibility to mark right steps so that your summed up experiences can help you know how far and where your destination is! As we have many ways coming and going from a junction, we have many choices in life. Some choices that can pull us back wards and the others that can guide us upwards. As we begin to chose the path of light, our inner force will try its best to put us across such people, circumstances or forces that guide us further to light. Till we are on journey, we will be making choices. But when we continue to make choices out of consciousness, we make our way through hardships quite easy and glorious. Our each choice will decide how faster and smoother we reach our destination. But one wrong step, and we may lose our way and also the sight of our destination. We then gotta wait, until next junction comes or should I say, the next life.


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