Wish you happy and responsible loving

LOVE, certainly, is the most important expression for any one, includes animals. The ways of expression are, however, judged as “decent” and “indecent”, “accepted and unaccepted”, “moral” and “immoral”. In true sense, love can never harm anyone. Love is harmless. What can harm or be harmed is the sentiments attached to the feeling called Love. The sentiments that get beyond one’s logical control, often tress-pass into the personal space of others. It’s like, I am in love or something close to love. And that feeling has raised certain sentiments in me to act in a way that is most suited to me, this hardly cares for others’ sentiments. All I am concerned is about a response to my sentiments. Response could be desired or undesired. What if it is undesired? I either sink into my shell, or I, with the help of my ego, go and ensure that a desired response is generated by whatever means. In that case, can we say, love has turned offensive? No, rather, the ways of expression have been offensive, and the egoistic sentiments are offensive. 

Recently, a youth movement #kissoflove movement has been seen trending in some colleges of urban India. While the movement claims to ensure liberty in physical expression of love in public places, it essentially, overlooks the broad social framework that governs India. India is a nation who believes in liberty and responsibility of thoughts. We believe that our culture is our identity and our values make us responsible. Given its diverse culture and traditions, India is also sensitive to issues related to love and sex. By and large, we believe in the sanctity of love relationship and our social framework restricts us to engage in polygamy, extra marital relations or live ins. Following this doesn’t make us conservative, but just a little more careful and sensitive to the feelings of love, marriage and break -ups. The movements like above are a clear indication of attempt to make sudden shifts in the social ideology. But that leaves few questions behind: Is love all about display in public? In the era where we talk about evolution and higher consciousness, do we have room for insensitivity? By propagating indecent physical touch in public, are we not inviting anti-social and hurtful actions? Are we not barging into others’ personal spaces with in the public space?

When you love some one, it is just not about that person. It is also about the circle that surrounds the person, includes his/ her family, friends and the society/ societies. Man does not live in isolation. Therefore, he needs to consider the perception and reception of the people who affect and get affected by his/ her behaviors. My personal belief is that we must adopt a behavior which is not offensive or harmful to a larger or important section of people in our circle. Caring about others is pure love. Acceptance of others is also love. Letting go is love too. Our endeavors must be to evolve, to grow and to be inclusive in Love, not to fall into the trap of selfish love, which is not even love.

Happy and Responsible Loving!!


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