Nothing has ever been easy
For the creator, for the nature
For great men and the loving women
For birds who fly those miles
For minuscule, the bees and flies
The sky holding together moon and stars
And the constellations, galaxies, the Sun
So that all creation could live and look
How to work with Universal Law
Hold on to deeper self but have the ego shun
The plants and trees, affirm for years
Bearing the burning heat, the wind, the rain
Pouring life, give fruit and shade
Serving creation night and day
Witness human greed, they continue to stay

The life miserable and hopeful
And counting on each moment
To get some doze of happiness
To overcome failure and sadness
Living with hope till death
Heart never grows, like child at core
Demands never end, they’re always at door
Mind like a tough boss, letting its command
Love’s not enough, want success and more
Solves by logic, hunting for solutions
Amidst all troubles, all struggles
Men continue to live, firm or shiver
A thing rules everything, and it goes on
There ain’t fatigue, it all seems gone
And it’s Perseverance which holds us long

2 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. I agree.
    “And it’s Perseverance which holds us long”
    I saw on Television. A once desert turn beautiful tropical location by the change in the eruption of water from the earth. I believe nature will outlast man. It accept change with ease. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry and thoughts..


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