It’s all a woman wants

Soft, pure as we arrive on earth

They looked at us with love and fear

A mother who’s had her own share of bias

A father, who’s been tough, suddenly melts

In Fear and Love, thus are we welcome

We grow up with care of our nears and dears

Who condition our minds with unseen fears

Their love is less known, for we could be spoiled

Might they not be pained, who let our constraints

Half sure, thus we grow, caution sets in our veins

No girl wants to be the family shame

She doesn’t know what’s her fate

In the glory of world her glitter is lost

She does sacrifices in half of her life

Life appeals to her, by rules she abides

World wants her for different reasons

Pampered is she, in all new season

This is when she falls in trap

Loses self without getting love

Unloved, unwanted her struggle continues

Now her insecurities rule her life

Confidence’s broken, trust shaken

Her tenderness perceived as weakness

And she hates herself for being a girl

Mocked by world, she lives in shock

Cruelty of men touches her skin

Indifference of world makes an impression

In her mind, in her thoughts she questions

The need of her being, her lonely life

 She questions to God, why is she sent

Unanswered from God, she decides to be bold

Take her fate in her own control

Not whipped by social bonds

Not cared for outward care

Firm and strong, here she stands for her share of respect and love.

And it’s all a woman wants.


2 thoughts on “It’s all a woman wants

  1. Thanks buddy! I did visit your site. Your poem “fading” is wonderful. I tried to add comment there, but could not, sue to some error. Thanks for your visit, I shall watch for your posts.

    Best wishes


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