If I’d a Chance!

If I’d chance
I’d walk the old lanes
Of time in the past
Would repair, remake
The castle of memories, buried in heart
I’d stop my father before he left for heaven
Recover his love and ask for forgiveness
Defeat the bridge that held us apart
For all those days, I could not accept him
I’d go and undo that part
I’d fix up the broken trust
That I might have, of my loved ones
Would melt their hearts
Lighting love sermons
Make way for peace that had been lost
I’d be more kind to my friends
Without doubting their intentions
I’d hold their hands tight, with no scope for fights
Would let go of that ego, those grudges
With warm hugs, we surrender our fright
I’d re visit the time when
Every thought of mine made it futile
I’d pull back my words, all those
That drew bitter remorse and
Let the love heal that unknown curse
I’d seek the love and shade beneath
My Mother’s chest
Would unbite all the bites
That my ignorance pressed
Once more a child, I’d merge in her
I’d respect myself a bit more
Would play n rejoice with
The child inner side
Have no more self-denial
No regret and self lies.
Finally, I’d turn to God
Seek forgiveness under his shelter
For every inch of disbelief I’d have laid
On Him, His seamless love. Surrendering now,
I’d let Him rule my mind and guide my path

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