It’s not love


It’s not love

I like being around you

Just a small space of my heart’s reserved

For you. Holding on to the pieces of memory

Of you, I’ve put my life in perspective


It’s not love

I am busy with several other thoughts,

Yours is one that I hold for little long

My work is my private space where

Alive thinking has no room for


It’s not love

I just like to wait for your mail

May be I feel somewhat real

I find hard to read it once

Sure, they have some glowing effect


It’s not love

You rule my dreams often

It’s silly how I awake, full and fresh

Outside the window you seem to be standing

May be your face is too common


It’s not love

My soul dances to the tune

Of yours. Can’t feel pain. Not any thing.

You keep me busy all time

May be I like you little more.


It’s not love.


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