The Celeb Actor Shenaz Treasurywala stands up for whole women community

Should I begin this post with pride or grief? Pride, because, a popular celebrity stands up to represent and address the neglected shame a woman is put through. It is also griefsome, that the actress had to share that space of her life which every woman tries to hide. Her letter addressing to PM Modi (Prime Minister), Amitabh Bachan (Actor), Shah Rukh Khan (Actor), Salman Khan (Actor), Aamir Khan (Actor, and Mr Anil Ambani (one of the heads of Reliance Group of Industries) encloses the shame and disgrace an Indian girl goes through since her early years.

Our country remains busy with other agendas, putting women security on last priority. The result is- heinous act of rape and sexual assault being committed fearlessly and shamelessly. It is true that women have suffered since ages owing to lawlessness, social mind set and self ignorance. The celebrity addresses the concerns strongly, expecting it to be resolved by pushing laws further. Her attempt to bring the much required change in position of women by highlighting her personal, bitter experiences is worth a salute. We hope that the powerful men whom she has addressed to, would support and take ahead her intention of justice.


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