World does not know that its needs creative power of woman. Instead of encouraging they overpower them.

World does not know that it needs your creative power.

Invoke the divine feminine power in each one of you. You represent “Shakti” means power house of all existence. You live in all beings, including men, in the form of Shakti. It is you who let the movement in world. It’s you who can change the world. Withdraw your energy from destructive minds, infuse into constructive minds. It’s time you take charge of world actions. Whether you believe or not, you as a woman and as carrier of Shakti can save world from terror, attacks, assaults, disorder, shame, sin and destruction. You carry the immense potential to bring evolution by channelizing and instructing thoughts and actions. As long as you remain under played, the world will continue to suffer. Look up to the idols of mother “Durga” and “Kali” and seek their collective energy to lead the world.

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