Could I ask for Peace?

Millions of years have passed

With these eyes, witnessed

Love, Conflict, Chaos

Peace and War


I bore them all

Humans and Non- humans

Equally share my heart

They owe me life, for I wore them in my womb

Millions of years have passed, my service isn’t gone


I can’t retire

My motion moves the Creation

I’ve taken this responsibility

To lead Life and Evolution

As long as there’s matter


Indeed, my power is immense

Unimaginable strength, and Endurance

On my Soil, hope and death sow together

The death wounds my chest

But then I too need some rest


Mistakes, Failure, I have none

I do bear them, since I bear humans

My soul is pure, yet I behold the deeds impure

Love is my way, but you offer me blood

Now, my skin assimilates both the seeds, of love and blood


Should I quit? Alas! I wish I could

Unlike humans, I don’t forget my Vows

To Live by Purpose, of Truthful Course

This is my Service to God.

Submissive compliant, accept garbage of skin and heart


When my purpose is by- gone.

Forsaking the sinners, I shall unite with Him

My Sons and Daugthers, will forever be mine

who sacrificed their lives for protecting mine

This divine meger, the others will seek


I am Earth. Could I ask for Peace?


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