When Mother Kali Calls (a poem)

The image that awed my heart
Ferocious body, comforting eyes
Unforgiving manifestation to the sinners
Both, within and with out
Held by her, O’ Mother, I pleaded
Please shelter me in thy thousand arms
May I rest inside your mighty chest
If I am your part, don’t stay apart
Replied Mother, with consoling words
O’ thee daughter, I must admit
Unless my powers, you don’t subsist
O’ thee child, you share me equally
Thee shall see me if thee seek
O’ Mother, I added
True if it is that Thee in me
Why do I not have strength as thy
Losing to enemy, ain’t your way
How I not win if I hold Thee
Bold Mother continued
You ain’t as pure as me
Besides me, you hold a body
Mind is a cage, when set free
Surrender it to me, I shall bless thee

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