How to counter the problem of rape in India- an opinion

There’s something to learn from BBC approach, but we need to be accountable for social sensitivity while dealing with such a major problem as rape. I am yet to watch the much debated controversial video, but I want to share some initial insights into the matter.

I am in support of interviewing rapists, and counseling them. But not one, many others who commit similar crime as rape, harassments, and even eve teasing. There is a need to understand what constitutes that psychology which is anti human, or should I say anti woman. Is the real need behind rapes sexual or the motive is to get rid of some frustration. Frustration could be any thing, against unemployment, social inequality, system in general, against beauty. What is it that compels a human to inflict immeasurable hurt on other human, as polite and as lovely as a woman. Is beauty a problem? We need to dig deeper to understand the roots of the rising evil. For me, fear of law, social pressure, giving women more security is only a short term course of action. Solution is not here. Because solution comes only after we’ve got problem right.

Therefore, suggesting women to change their way of life, cutting their wings, restricting them in one way or other, cursing the molesters and mere debating in Parliament does not help much!

Heard women in parliament saying ” it’s true that men of this country do not respect women”, “give them to us, we will deal with them”. This is nothing but a reflection, a political outrage on the sorry state. All election manifestoes have had women security as one of the prime agendas. Women security is a process, not one step or two. Why we have debates on this agenda only when some urgency arrives. Rest of the times, women security is on back seat. Why? Because women are not so important, they don’t matter. Or may be that do matter, but our govt does not know how to deal with the problem. Then get a team who can provide some wise solutions.

Ladies, I always say this. Raise your voice every time you see that you are being disregarded. Perception needs to be changed at the smallest levels as well. Just look into your families, how are you being perceived. A woman or a human? There seems to be a gap b/w two. Perhaps world needs to be reminded the value of a woman.


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