A Perfect Beginning- for an imperfect mind

7th March

10: 20 am

Was sleeping unware of the time. Suddenly Dinso came and knocked the door, as part of morning ritual. Looked at my clock, it was 9 🙂 Well, normally I don’t have that privlege to sleep till late, in Vikas’s presence. Vikas is my husband, who was away last night. As I wake up, I don’t like to be interrupted for some time until I get the first sip of my morning tea. But this morning was different. The vibrabant energy and pure love of Dinso filled the moments naturally. It was not unusual of her to come and play and chat. But since her uncle was absent today, so her goodies of love and warmth fell undivided upon me. 

I parted with her, that time of morning solitude, which I considered a perfect start for me, until today. And I realized that in her presence, I’s more present. We sang rhymes together, she kept on kissing and hugging through all that while. We even did some Pranayam which has been taught by me to her only once a few days ago. It was so mindful of her as she took on to the cross-legged posture to do conscious breathing 🙂 🙂

Children have special auras and energy levels, we keep on telling them to behave like us and drop their excitement. We realize the truth only when we spend time with them, and turn child like. For that one hour, with only we two in the room, it appeared to me that as if I was being cleaned of something. The purity of emotions, the unconditional closeness and mutual flow of love made it a perfect beginning.  With all humbleness, I thank her for this experience and realization.


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