The 2-minute Fiddle

Our country is raging over maggi row

With broken trust

And bitter tongue

With heavy hearts and suspicion

As the Maggi news leak

Of my age, is Maggi today

Together we witnessed

Our growing day by day

From poor to rich,

And Hindu to Muslim

Maggi made it to every kitchen

The two minute noodle

Simply Thrilled,

The first meal youngsters

Proudly Cooked

From kitchen to office

And school to college

Many bites, Maggi survived

And, yet more

We craved

A magic, a delight

Which seemed just alright!

The fancy ads with hearty story

Behind the scenes did we seldom worry

Infants, kids, grownups, adults

Loved equally the unique taste

Some oldies though never ate

And we thought they missed the fate

Later had come

Other brands

Instant noodles

All over stands

Initial tricks led the trials

But it was Maggi that reached the miles

To picnics, to canteens and tourist spots

Maggi continued to fill the hearts

A question often stroke our mind

What’s it there that others can’t find!

Years on years,

Occasions came

When maggi weaved

The stronger tales

It grew to be a common thread

A simple trick bridged distant

The mother’s love

And brother’s fight

A friend’s treat

A kid’s right

Until, Alas!

Until we’ve known

The cruel part

Bitter facts held us apart

Our hearts melted once more

Cried aloud over maggi roar

Seldom did we think

What maggi would bring

Hard to digest, yet it was

The life test it cud’n pass

What still brought another shame

That greed continues to play the game

And Day and night

Here we wonder

That fed India for decades

Cannot calm hunger

Of  makers’avarice


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