An encounter with Lizard

Well! Just by the name, most of you would get that feeling, which is irksome to some and fearful to others. I am no exception here. Lizards and I, have always been playing hide and seek since I’ve known or should I say felt them. How many of you have had this unforgettable experience of being touched by them or having a fall over your head?? Trust me once you have this, you are going to remember this every time you imagine a lizard, causing more fear and the irritation. The thought that lizards could be present anywhere, literally, anywhere, from your cupboards to your dish units, and even in your plates makes you feel pathetic, and fearful. Many of you’d be thinking by now, why do I not get that coating over the walls of my house that could keep them away. husband thinks that if we stop them exist, we may extinct fast, which is pretty convincing to me considering the whole theory of ecological balance. Anyways, coming to the latest encounter I had with a lizard. Let me first confess that I literally shake in fear followed by a feeling of hatred whenever I see them around. And kitchen is the most common place of encounter. I use the word encounter because sometimes I scare them for being there and sometimes they shock me. We often run into each other’s way without much notice and hide and seek for hours carrying that fear in our heart.

After sharing many horrible moments with lizards, where one also includes a close shave in my home temple, I somehow change my ways or let them exist. In theory, I know that each one of us in living or non living form share the earth equally. But trust me this theory is too hard to practice. And the culprit is ‘fear’. We fear that others may eat into our space, our personal boundary, our peaceful living and we instantly find ourselves being defensive. I am a compassionate being partly because I am and partly because I’m scared to harm anyone. However, it’s often happened that I’ve killed tiny being out of fear or in defense. Compared to me, my husband is much more kind and compassionate and would not allow me this sinful act in her presence. I appreciate that. Yesterday, as I was walking into the kitchen to make tea for myself. Ah! This late evening tea is special to me and I enjoy it alone 🙂 and as I opened the fridge to take the milk out, I saw, of course, a lizard sticking to the other side of the fridge, as if she had just been there waiting for me. Huh! The first reaction, I immediately closed the door and few steps back till I prepared myself for that situation. By then, Madam Lizard had also leapt on the edge but I could still see her little feet and a tiny eye peeping out 🙂 That moment, I was compassionate, truly. And I realized that she has more fears than me, and I’m still better off than her. We build our homes, create our limitless boundaries and often barge into the space of other creatures. And when they come back to claim their small space, we feel offended and get cruel. It’s not that I have dropped my fears and got bold in a moment of silent exchange with the lizard. I’m not that bold yet! But I guess I’ll not hate the lizards as I had. Often in my prayers, I conclude by bowing in heart to all the creatures and I ask for their well being too but I guess I am the one who do not let them be even when they are harmless. I hope this realization helps me get more kind and understanding with all beings. And I hold their love in my heart considering they help me exist in some way or the other. Amen!

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