Beginning to end

With fire in her mind, she sits on to write. Not sure if she’ll be able to pour her mind down to paper. But she’s a fighter, at least she’ll give a try. And here she goes, “Like the blazing Sun, I intend to shine, but my determination is stolen away by the clouds of mystery that have now emerged as painted scar on my soul.” Distracted by knock, she gets up to open the door. Up on her toes, arrives for the latch as old as her age. At the door stands an old man, half crumpled, keenly staring at her, silently waiting for her invitation to step inside. Puzzled at once, she decided to call him in. He takes the seat on the floor down, as she walks to the kitchen to fetch old man a glass of water. She joins him at the floor, and patiently waits for him to quench his thirst. Before she could ask, the man takes out a piece of paper from his loose pocket and hands over to the young lady. “This letter is written by your father”, he says. She reads on, “Don’t wait for me. I am going to search for your mother, who’s been missing since last two decades. I was waiting for you to grow up so that I can open this truth that your mother isn’t dead. She’s gone missing. Today is the time to find her back, when you can take care of yourself. In case, I do not return, don’t look for me. Just believe that I’ll be with your mother, somewhere, in heaven, if not this world. Take care of your good self. Love, Pa”. Tears pour out from her eyes, which she steals and wipes carefully to hide from the man who’s vanished from the scene. She continues to weep, bursting out, loud. In a sudden moment, she’s been revealed that there’s no one to look after her. Now when she’s all alone, she reaches for the door and shuts it again. For days together, she confines herself in the house. Since that news, she’s broken in fear. The world appears strangest to her, and she is unable to bring courage to face the time, running on the other side of the door. Another knock, and she shivers. Rapid knocks, loud and loud, she crawls to the door to open it. At tenth attempt, the door is open. There’s no one. Just a letter, she noticed right under her feet. It reads, “Want to meet. Evening, 4 O’ clock. Same place.” Unbothered to change, she runs for the coffee shop. After two hours at sharp 4, he arrives. Tears in her eyes, smile on his face, and they hold each other in arms, unexpressed. The next day, she packs her stuff- a gown, some books, the last letter by her father, an old address book and unfinished last note from her regular diary. Locks her house and leaves with him to an unknown destination. At the entrance of the door, she leaves a small note that says, “ Pa, In case you return first, ring me on this number. Else, I’ll join you and mum, in heaven”.


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