Be love centered, not number-centered

For quite some days, I am writing more on Compassion and Love. And yet there is never enough you can speak of love. Love wisdom is the greatest of all for the simple truth that love is the strongest string that is holding up everything together. Isn’t it? In my life journey, from the days when I began to realize the consciousness game (even unconsciously) till date, the greatest factor that seems to be growing is the acceptance of love.

When you grow from a care free, loving child to a responsible, distinguishable person there is a common urge in almost every one and that urge is to STAND OUT. Under social and family influences, we grow up with the conditioning that we need to have something that is so different from others that we can label it as our own unique identity. The identity syndrome lives with some of us till our middle age. That, Purnima is so and so and Purnima can do such and such and Purnima has this and that. Isn’t it? The name borrowed from our parents, habits groomed in the process of growing up, inspiration caught from our environment seem to define everything that we are or going to become. The idea of material success takes toll over our rational minds and we learn the way of quantifying things that put together define our success model. Commonly, these things are related to bank balance, assets, number of cars, number of business or even number of partners etc. etc. So, everything we relate to our identity is defined in numbers or size. Then, after some time, we realize that having a personal site would enhance our self image, even better. So, we decide and have a wordpress blog 🙂 And there once again, we fall into the number trap. Our children may bring us some life that we no longer know. So, we want to spend time with them to restore the time that we gave up to become what can be defined in numbers. Most of us realize little late that the race that we seem to be running since our first strike of identity syndrome has not helped us in the areas of relationship, environment, health, self acceptance, empathy and satisfaction. And then, we decide that we must run away from the race. So, we see that people run to countries like India where the race is on the other side of life that still matters.

In the small pockets of Indian states still live the wise men who not only practice a different life but rather teach it and share it. In most of these practical life approaches, one may find a common rule defining the rest. And that one thumb rule is- Practice Love. What is Love, could be a natural question? Love is to see every thing including people as part of ONE.With Love, you do not hurt any one since you see them a reflection of yourself. You do not hold grudges since that simply disturbs your foundation. You forgive easily since you commit the same mistakes as we all are bound by same limitations. It is love that we do not simply possess but share. We become compassionate and sensitive to nature, animals, people and ourselves. When we understand that we are connected at source, then only is it possible to practice Love. Observing spiritual fasts, undertaking pilgrimage, offering prayers and worship, performing yoga and meditation are but effective means to be able to practice Love. It is out of Love that we devote ourselves to God and self- realize.

What happens when you don’t practice love

  • Terrorism
  • Global warming
  • Relationship Issues
  • Crime against women
  • Social crimes
  • Intolerance
  • Communalism
  • Economic Imbalance

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