Well..!!! In a limited awareness that I have at the moment, I am Purnima Dhar Manhas, an Indian by origin. I was born in Kashmir and brought up in Jammu, lived in Jammu till I graduated in Commerce. For my post graduation and initial career, I had moved to other parts of the country. Currently, I am based in Jammu, living with my husband and his family, which now is our family πŸ™‚ And yes, for livelihood, I work in Enjoy Unlimited, a travel agency that my husband has started. Interested parties can log on to http://www.enjounlimited.com for more details.

I love writing and that’s why I have this blog. I like sharing my thoughts and knowing what others are holding. I hardly have time to think about writing professionally, but at present I look happy with casual sort of writing in blogs and social media.

If you ask my favourite past time, it would be thinking and writing. My brain can rest only twice- once in meditation and other, when I go to bed. Rest all the times, I am just thinking.

Now comes, what I am quite certain about. I consider myself a spiritual seeker, practitioner, thinker, all that leads me ahead on spiritual path. For me, I have learnt in early years of my life, world is like an illusion. However hard I try, I find it extremely illogical and utterly difficult to be part of it. Yes, I do live, eat, hang out, laugh, cry and all that. But all that with awareness that this is short-lived. And then my heart, soul take my senses to what could be eternal and truth. Through this blog, I share all those experiences I come across in this journey from illusion to truth. Sometimes, I am just silent. Sometimes, I am loud and clear, while other times, I am self-denying and….

I feel like ending here… May be on appropriate time again, I would add more. Or delete everything.. God knows.

God Bless

Purnima Manhas


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