To Our Love

This love is new

Nascent and Pure

Innocent as child

Intense as woman


Sprouted, in the seeds

Of compassion

This love’s sacred

Selfless and Real


Soaking, inch by inch

Layers of my existence


This love’s liberating


Hiding, waiting

Watching in silence


This love’s longing


Gliding through shadows

Of Darkness

Emerging, Rising

Into new dawn

Of our Union

This love is












8 thoughts on “To Our Love

      1. 🙂 we say so when we feel that we are undeserving of something, could be because we are undeserving or because we are less deserving of it. It’s freely used as expression for showing modesty. I feel there are such brilliant poets and writers, so I felt humbled to see great acknowledgement from some one like you 🙂


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