Why do we need to be compassionate to the uncompassionate people?

Along past few years of my life journey,  one understanding that has come deeply from within in is to look people with compassion.  More compassion for those who appear to be cunning and senseless.  I have understood that,  perhaps,  the most beautiful gift that we possess lies in our ability to love and empathesize.  This is most natural and inherent of all the features that human life reflects.  We lose this ability only when we have lost faith in the Supreme power.  That He who has created this world,  us and all glory takes care of it with the utmost fairness and the highest intelligence. When we  lose this faith under various internal and external influences,  that is a beginning to be feeling limited and miserable.  It is that state that we  hold the greatest desire to  control and influence our circumstances.  At this point one looks to be cunning,  insensitive or uncompassionate.  The truth as  you see here,  clearly,  is that such people are constantly struggling inside since they have assumed a reality which is disconnected from their core and thus they disconnect from the rest. In this case,  whether the affected person is your partner,  a relation or a stranger,  an effort should be made to deal with them with compassion and love.  Only then can they be reinstated in their true nature of oneness.

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